Use Training

SmartLearn draws your attention to the issue of training and granting course certificates in the use of SmartBoards and Smart Notebook software.

Only organizations bearing the relevant certification logos such as US can officially offer such services on behalf of the organization and in the name of the trainee.

Knowledge lever of progress and development.

The ever-increasing use of new information and communication technologies in almost the entire spectrum of human activity marks the advent of a new era with the main characteristic of the need to handle information and the renewal of knowledge at a rapid pace. Thus, increased requirements for continuous information and training of human resources are created.

SmartLearn is not only limited to selling and supporting the products it has.

Believing that the best way to capitalize on the investment you have made is your training makes sure that your staff is highly trained in the proper use and operation of the equipment and software you have procured.

Training is done by certified instructors .