SMART Board MX series

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SMART Board MX series

The new SMART Board MX Series is designed for the classroom that needs more than just a projection surface.

Teachers want simplicity and the SMART Board® MX offers it. Easily connect devices, content and learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. And with a SMART Board that is easy to develop and support, you achieve a return on your technology investment and lower overall cost of ownership.

The new SMART Board MX series is an interactive multi-touch screen with built-in screen sharing function for students and teachers to present learning content and tasks from their laptop, tablet or any other mobile device that supports Miracast.

Full support and display of iOS, Android and Microsoft devices projecting in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

It is an easy, affordable and versatile solution in any learning or professional environment, promoting participant participation.


MXv3 right angle hero scaled

4K Ultra HD LED 50,000 hrs

Free software included

HyPr Touch™ with EMR

Personalized login

26 points of interaction

SMART Assure warranty

Sensors for ambient light & proximity

Energy Star & Ecodesign certified

MXv2 Input
MXv2 VideoConference2

Connect any learning environment

Connect content, devices, and learning experiences in and out of the classroom for flexible sharing and collaboration. The SMART Board MX series interactive screens provide an enhanced, continuous platform for lesson delivery, interactivity and engagement, empowering teachers with far-reaching and effective methods for mixed and distance learning for students.

MXv2 Manips


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