SMART Board GX series

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New model for 2021! The SMART Board GX series gives you all the basics you need to get started on interactivity – at an incredibly affordable price. The GX series includes powerful teaching tools and a simple user experience. Connect devices, content and interactive learning in ways you have never imagined.

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4K Ultra HD LED 50,000 hrs

Free software included

HyPr Touch™ with EMR

Personalized login

26 points of interaction

SMART Assure warranty

Sensors for ambient light & proximity

Energy Star & Ecodesign certified

GX videoconferencing Windows

Everything you need at an affordable price

Help your classrooms become more connected and more committed. The SMART Board GX lets you bring SMART easy-to-use interactive technology to your classroom, with a flexible, affordable solution far superior to obsolete projectors in the classroom.

Touch design for education

With 20 simultaneous points of interaction, teachers can write, delete and move notes intuitively. Connect your PC to the GX series and write, move, and delete automatically without the need for menu options – supported by Object Awareness.

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  • Without the use of a computer

    The built-in Android ™ computer gives educators the freedom to browse the web, digital whiteboard, screen sharing and more without using a connected device.

  • Keep digital notes everywhere and in every type

    SMART's best writing experience is not limited to digital whiteboard. SMART Ink® software places your digital notes wherever you want - write to any web browser and digital 'ink' stays on while you're browsing.

  • Write on known file types.

    Write to PDF and Microsoft Office® files, and then save your notes to almost any file type. Move, copy / paste and delete notes or even convert them to text, without having to change pens or enable new tool settings every time you want to write. All without coating or special ink function.

  • Bigger and better video conferencing

    Connect any Windows PC or iOS device to your GX Series for a high quality video conferencing experience. Instructors can share the powerful SMART learning tools and other desktop applications for lesson delivery. Use students' built-in real-time attention tools for enhanced distance learning.

  • Easy connection of student devices

    Students can easily connect via screen sharing to present their work and collaborate with their class, sharing up to four devices at once. Teachers guide learning and can manage screen sharing content using touchback


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