SMART Board 6000 series

6,200.00 8,680.00  με ΦΠΑ

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A new era in collaborative teaching

A top touch experience with superior collaboration features and 4K Ultra HD resolution. The 6000 Series provides reliability, simplicity and intuition to help you learn, collaborate and share. It is the biggest innovation in SMART Boards since we invented them. Powered by SMART Notebook®

SMART kapp iQ ™ enabled

6000S right angle shadow

4K Ultra HD
LED 50,000 hrs

Free software

HyPr Touch™
with EMR


26 points
of interaction

SMART Assure

Sensors for ambient
light & proximity

Energy Star
& Ecodesign certified

BIN Powered by iQ scaled
  • SMART kapp iQ™ ready

    The most accurate, natural, and interactive touch-to-edge experience. The fingers glide easily over the surface, providing hours of error-free and perfect feel.

  • Pen ID ™ function

    Students can view their notes without interruption from their partner. Using different ink colors, you can write independently and simultaneously in any activity to open up new collaboration opportunities.

  • Object awareness ™ function

    You already know how to use it. Offers the most intuitive experience with automatic differentiation between a finger, pen or palm. Touch, write, delete. Simplicity naturally comes in all its glory.

  • SMART ink technology ™

    Writing is natural and looks best with SMART Ink. Whether using a pen or finger, every move is a work of art. Realistic digital ink improves its readability so that teachers do not have to rewrite.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution

    The durable HD quality LED panel displays extremely detailed 4K Ultra HD images and text (3840 x 2160 pixels). The crystal clear content keeps the students focused wherever they sit. No wasted time changing lamp headlights, no shadows, and no faded images.

MXv2 Manips

Simultaneous touch points

With 4 simultaneous touch points for Windows, many students can use gestures such as zoom, rotate and flip at the same time. Physical learning experience develops the necessary collaborative skills without students realizing it.


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