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High quality construction with 3 years warranty

The interactive Classboard screen is distinguished for its high ergonomics, durability, quality and reliability.

Its construction meets the modern educational needs, making it the necessary tool for every educational institution. Its surface has a coating very durable with antifinger technology so that no traces are formed on the surface from frequent use.

At the same time, this surface offers comfortable viewing of the projected image with a 178 ° viewing angle

Greater freedom

The screen has a number of digital keys on its surface offering instant access to all functions.

The screen can be mounted on the wall or on a wheeled base that allows it to be easily moved from one space to another depending on the needs. With a brightness of 350 nits and 4K resolution the screen can work in all environments offering a completely realistic image

Main Advantages

  • High Accuracy
  • High Speed ​​
  • 4K Resolution
  • Twenty (20) simultaneous touch points
  • Wireless communication
  • Teleconferencing capability
  • Android TV installed

Create interactive lessons easily and quickly

ClassBoard includes the innovative interactive software Drawview in Greek, which has many classic interactive tools and is enriched with advanced features.

ClassBoard is accompanied by complete Hellenized software developed specifically for educational and student environment, enriched with advanced features.


Make the most of the interactive whiteboard by creating interactive lessons easily and quickly.

  • Automatic recognition of geometric shapes
  • Geometric tools (diabetes, ruler, protractor) with direct application to any educational content
  • Record actions as video
  • Save or export content
  • Compatible with Windows & amp; Android

Basic features

Diagonal 65 “- 75΄΄ – 85΄΄
Analysis 3840 * 2160 4K
Color black
Brightness 350 nits
TouchScreen 20 simultaneous contact points,

Point Accuracy & lt; 2mm

Response time 8ms
Operating systems Windows / Linux / Android
Protection Surface with antifinger technology
Installed Operating Android TV

Android 8 STORAGE 32 GB – MEMORY 4GB

Rear input connections HDMI 2.0 x 2,

DP x 1, VGA-IN x 1,

Audio input x 1, YPBPR x 1,

AV-inx 1, RS232 x 1,

USB 3.0 x 1,

USB 2.0 x 1,

RJ45-in x 1,

WIFI (5G) x 1 (with two

SD Card x 1,

OPS Slot (Max support 3840 * 2160 / 60Hz) x 1, Touch USB B
Type x 1

Front input connectors USB2.0 x 3, HDMI1.4
Output connections HDMI-out x 1, SPDIF x 1, Earphone x 1, AV-out x 1


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