NewLine Mira

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MIRA has it all! Being the most flexible display of Newline, this solution will satisfy almost every need in the corporate workplace.
Suitable for meeting rooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls and offices, MIRA is the proven successful solution

The smart complete solution for meeting rooms

Built-in interactive ecosystem tools ensure wireless presentation and collaboration. MIRA flexibility makes this interactive screen the ultimate solution for your workplace!

Optical Bonding 4K screen for redefining sharpness

Enjoy the benefits of optical welding such as clear images, vibrant colors and a true 178 ° viewing angle. Wherever you sit in the room, the image is solid and clear.

MIRA with labels copia 1

Built-in camera and microphone layout

The combination of optical bonding and advanced touch technology results in excellent touch accuracy and smooth pen, finger and palm recognition writing experience. response, without delays. Allows your team to work and write together at the same time without any restrictions.

Clear and robust images in all sizes

The built-in camera and microphone assembly with echo cancellation and noise reduction facilitate easy collaboration and video calling, making MIRA a great choice for remote meetings.

The SMART meeting room solution

Superior Touch

USB Type-C Connection

Object Recognition

Go Wireless

Ultra Lightweight

Android/ Win/ MacOS/ Chrome Compatibility

Maximum Viewing Angle

Built-in Camera & Microphone Array


- TT-6520HO TT-7520HO TT-8620HO
Size 65" 75" 86"
Touch Technology IR IR IR
Display Area(mm) 1428 x 804 1650 x 928 1895 x 1066
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD 4K UHD
Viewing Angle 170° 170° 170°
Backlight LED LED LED
Weight (kg) 34.7 46 57.5


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