The Company


We started as SMARTBoard users in 2006 in the Academic tutoring School M.E. “KORIFI” and at the Freedmen’s workshop
Data Bank Computers studies in Aridaia and from the first hour we fell in love with the table for the incredible possibilities it offers in teaching.

After three years of daily use and being absolutely sure of its usefulness and reliability we decided to deal commercially with its promotion.

SMART LEARN was founded with the sole purpose of the authorized distribution of Smart interactive products with the leading smartboard interactive board, and the publication of educational materials in electronic and printed form, for high school – high school courses, the first created in Greece with the help of SMARTBoard and SMART Notebook software.

The distribution, installation, support and especially the training of our clients is done by highly trained and trained associates, experienced  in the education sector.

The Interactive Hall of the future awaits you in our facilities, to experience the SMART board interactive board. All you need to enter this fantasy world is the tip of your finger!